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Crowfunding Issuers

An issuer of a crowdfunded securities offering under Florida’s Intrastate Crowdfunding Exemption (s. 517.0611, Florida Statutes (F.S.)) must file a notice of the offering with the Office of Financial Regulation (OFR) at least 10 days before the issuer commences the offering or the offering is displayed on a website of an intermediary. To qualify for the exemption, issuers must meet certain eligibility requirements.

Notice Filing Requirements

The Florida Division of Securities utilizes the Regulatory Enforcement and Licensing (REAL) System for the notice filing of crowdfunding issuers. This online system enables notice filers to submit the Form FL-CI, Notice of Crowdfunding Issuer Offering, documents and fees electronically. Additional filing requirements shall be submitted as prescribed in s. 517.0611, F.S., and Rule 69W-600.0018, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.).

Paper filings for crowdfunding issuers received ty the OFR will be returned to the filer with instructions for filing electronically.

To notice file through online services, click here

Maintaining Notice Filing

Amendments to Form FL-CI

If the information contained on the Form FL-CI becomes inaccurate for any reason, the crowdfunding issuer shall file an amendment on the Form FL-CI, correcting the information within 30 days.

Amendment filings for crowdfunding issuers shall be made through online services.

Termination of Crowdfunding Issuer Notice Filing

Crowdfunding issuers shall file notices of termination on the Form FL-CI, Notice of Crowdfunding Issuer Offering. Termination filings shall be submitted through online services.

Renewal of Crowdfunding Issuer Notice Filing

Crowdfunding issuer notice filings and the offering expire 12 months after filing the notice with the OFR and are NOT eligible for renewal.


Form FL-CI, Notice of Crowdfunding Issuer Offering

Supplement CI – Preparing a Disclosure Statement for a Florida Intrastate Crowdfunding Offering

Statutes and Rules

Crowdfunding issuer notice filers are subject to the requirements found in Chapter 517, F.S., the Securities and Investor Protection Act, and the administrative rules, Sections 69W-100 through 69W-1000, F.A.C.