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Consumer Collection Agencies

CCA: Consumer Collection Agencies – Chapter 559 Part VI, Florida Statutes: This registration authorizes the holder to collect or attempt to collect consumer debts, asserted to be owed or due to another person, including third party collectors (assignee) of debts made by individual consumers.

A Consumer Collection Agency may also collect third party commercial debts as long as less than one-half of the collection revenue of such agency arises from the collection of commercial claims.

Application Requirements

Apply for the registration online via online services.

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Maintaining or Renewing License

Filings to maintain, amend and renew this registration are completed online via online services.

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**To review all requirements of a registrant, please access Chapter 559-Part VI, Florida Statutes, and Rule 69V-180, Florida Administrative Code.


OFR 559-101 - Registration of Consumer Collection Agency

Statutes and Rules

Chapter 559 - Part VI, Florida Statutes - Consumer Collection Practices

Rule 69V-180, Florida Administrative Code - Collection Agencies

Form OFR-559-103 – Disciplinary Guidelines for Consumer Collection Agencies