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Jeremy W. Smith, Director

Jeremy W. Smith joined the Office of Financial Regulation in 2011. He worked as an Analyst and Financial Administrator prior to becoming the Bureau Chief in November 2013. Mr. Smith brings management experience and provides effective leadership in the Division of Financial Institutions. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Terry Hughes, Chief, Bureau of Bank Regulation

Ms. Terry Hughes has more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry, having worked as a commercial lender, branch manager, financial analyst and consultant. Terry joined the Office of Financial Regulation in 2015 as a Financial Specialist, and was promoted to Bureau Chief of Banking Regulation in August 2017. Terry has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Florida State University.

Bruce Ricca
Bruce Ricca, Chief, Bureau of Credit Unions

Bruce Ricca has been employed with the OFR for just over 24 years. Initially serving as an examiner, Bruce worked his way towards an analyst position and later became an administrator in the Licensing & Chartering section dealing with de novo, merger, acquisition and conversion applications. Bruce has a Bachelor's degree from the College of Business at FSU. He is also a graduate of the Florida School of Banking in Gainesville, Florida. Prior to joining the Office, Bruce was employed for seven years in the savings & loan and mortgage banking industries, primarily in Southeast Florida. Bruce was promoted to Bureau Chief of the Credit Union Bureau in December 2010 where he oversees the regulation of credit unions.

Jodi-Ann Livingstone, Chief Counsel

Jodi-Ann Livingstone has practiced administrative law since 2009. Jodi-Ann joined the Office of Financial Regulation in 2015, where she served as Assistant General Counsel in the Division of Securities. In March 2017, Jodi-Ann joined the Division of Financial Institutions as Chief Counsel. Prior to joining the Office of Financial Regulation, Jodi-Ann worked at the Department of Health where she served as an Assistant General Counsel. Jodi-Ann received her Juris Doctor degree from the Florida State University College of Law.