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Non-Deposit Trust Companies

Non-Deposit Trust Company: a corporation which is engaged as a trustee, fiduciary, or agent for individuals or businesses in the administration of trust funds, estates, custodial arrangements, stock transfer and registration, and other related services. Non-deposit trust companies may also engage in fiduciary investment management functions and estate planning.

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Application Requirements

Submission of the appropriate application (with filing fee) and related forms to the Office of Financial Regulation are required.

For additional information, contact the Division of Financial Institutions Tallahassee office at (850) 410-9800 or via e-mail at OFRFinancialInstitutions@flofr.com.

Key Due Dates

Establishing a Charter

Director's Handbook


Cooperative Agreements


Model Articles of Organization for Bank or Trust Limited Liability Company

Application For Certificate of Approval to Purchase or Acquire A Controlling Interest in a State Bank or Trust Company

Application to Relocate an Office of a State Bank, Trust Company, Savings Bank, or Association

Trust Service Office Application

Application for Authority to Exercise Trust Powers

Application to Establish a Branch Office of a State Bank, Trust Company, Savings Bank, or Association. (To be used by institutions that do not qualify for the branch notification process)

Annual Financial Institution Safety and Soundness Examination Survey

Conversion Application

Interagency Biographical and Financial Form

Addendum OFR-U-10A
Confidential Release of Information Supplement to the Interagency Biographical
and Financial Form (Use with OFR-U-10)

Purchase & Assumption Application

Merger Application

Merger Application/Successor Institution Application

Corporate Name Approval Request Form
Note: In order for the Office of Financial Regulation to consider a request by a proposed non-financial institution business for approval to use "bank," "banker," "banking," "trust company," "savings and loan association," "savings bank," or "credit union," or words of similar import, in any context or in any manner in its corporate title, and issue a no objection letter, please complete and submit this form.
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Statutes and Rules

Chapter 655: Financial Institutions
Chapter 658: Banks and Trust Companies
Chapter 660: Trust Business
Chapter 69U-100 through 69U-150: Florida Financial Institutions Rules

List of Directors and Officers and Director's Oath(Used by Banks, Trust Companies and Savings and Loan Associations)

Biographical Sketch on Officers and Directors
(Used by Banks, Trust Companies, and Savings and Loan Associations)

Application to Establish a Trust Company

OFR-U-130A Consolidated Financial Reports for Non-Deposit Trust Companies

Change Name of Financial Institution

Debt Cancellation Products
Short Form Disclosures

Debt Cancellation Products
Long Form Disclosures

Certificate of Good Standing Request Form
This form should be used by persons or entities other than Florida financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, or state/federal regulatory agencies to request certificates of good standing for state-chartered banks, credit unions, and trust companies, or state-licensed international banking offices. NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT SURE THAT YOU NEED A CERTIFICATE, PLEASE CALL 850-410-9800 BEFORE SUBMITTING A REQUEST!
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Director Approval Form
This form should be used by state financial institutions that are subject to the reporting requirements of Section 655.0385, Florida Statutes.